A lifelong artist, and a professional in the field if graphic design and illustration for eight years, Michael Nikola has a passion for creativity.

For as long as he can remember, Michael has been interested in art. At a very young age, 5 or 6 he would doodle at church to keep himself entertained. From that point on, he always felt comfortable when he was drawing, which led him to seek out and take every art class he could find in school.

When he was in junior high he sold his first two drawings, one to the school, Bennion Jr. High, and one to the principal. This is when Michael first realized he could make art into a career.

After graduating high school Michael went to Salt Lake Community College. After two years he graduated in 2008, with an Associates of Applied Science, in Illustration. He then went to Utah Valley University for three years, on scholarship, and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Art, emphasis in Illustration, (cum laude).

Today, Michael is a full-time graphic designer and illustrator, helping brands realize their creative identity, and bringing that to life in a variety of materials. Michael also continues to paint and draw, both personally and on commission.


For questions, email michaelnikolaart@gmail.com